Glue Applicator Syringe for FlatBack Rhinestones Maximize

Glue Applicator Syringe for FlatBack Rhinestones

Description: Syringe suitable for e6000 adhesive

Size: Disposable 3 ml syringe

3ml Syringe suitable for e6000 adhesive glue for precision application.

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3ml Syringe and tip suitable for precision application of e6000 adhesive.

ID: 0.35" – 8.89 mm

OD: 0.43" – 10.92 mm

Disposable Craft Syringe Instructions

1. To use the syringe screw the tip onto the end of the syringe (They are sometimes posted with the tips inside the body of the syringe if this is the case remove the plunder, take out the tip and screw onto the end of the syringe)
2. Squeeze a small amount of adhesive into the syringe (0.5ml or less you can always add more, but any left in the syringe after use will be wasted).
3. Between uses I use a blob of blu-tac and insert the syringe tip into the blu-tac to prevent air from hardening/thickening the adhesive in the tip which thickens very quickly if its e6000.
4. After use empty out any excess adhesive and blow air through the syringe 3-4 times to ensure that there is no adhesive left in the syringe.
5. Take apart and clean the black rubber bung for use again.
6. The syringe is manufactured as a disposable item (for single use) with a bit of care however it's possible to get an extra use or two from the syringe before the black bung which is the weak point of the syringe deteriorates or stretches. (this is not a certainty however and they are sold as disposable items)
7. Put the syringe back together and add a small amount of adhesive to the syringe and use following steps 4-6 after use.

E6000 will generally set if left in the syringe over night so that the next day it's either thickened or unusable.

From Melissa | 2013-03-22 23:03:27

Can I use Gem Tac glue in this?


Hi Melissa Yes you can use the syringe with gemtac or e6000, only put a small quantity of glue in the syringe when you use 0.5ml. Once you have finished empty the syringe and blow air through it a few times to clear out the nozzle.

From jazz | 2013-01-02 22:41:56

Thank you for the tips! I would have seriously messed up my shoes which ARE indeed suede! ;-)


From jazz | 2013-01-02 02:08:28

can this syringe be re-used or is only intended for disposable usage?


Hi Jazz The Syringe is designed to be disposable but if you clean it between used it can be re used once or twice, you need to just add a small amount of adhesive at a time so that once you finish using the syringe for the day you either push the end into a piece of blu-tac or empty out the syringe and then blow air down the barrel to make sure its clean. Leave the plunger out of the barrel until you next use it then peel the thin layer of glue from the black bung, blow some air through the syringe and its then ready to use again. If you do use the blu-tac method the adhesive then be aware that the adhesive will thicken slightly by the second day which is ok for larger crystal sizes but not ideal if you are using the adhesive on suede or using smaller size crystals where a more liquid adhesive is preferable. The black bung tends to be the weak point of the syringe is its cleaned properly between uses you can get an extra 1 or more uses from the syringe if not the bung will deteriorate and you will loose the seal. Hope that helps Khaled

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By Secil S. on 16 May 2015 :

Title : Good
Comment : This is good idea :) ty

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By Saira W. on 02 Nov. 2014 :

Title : Mrs waheed
Comment : Very good

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By Tina G. on 23 Feb. 2014 :

Title : TG
Comment : Excellent for glueing crystals. Less mess to

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By Kellie T. on 02 Nov. 2013 :

Title : Precision glueing....
Comment : I ordered this to bling my first pair of converse. Very precise glueing however not really needed for applying the crystals to converse as an orange stick is sufficient. You also loose a lot of the glue using this item. May come in handy for more precise application though ...

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By Sue A. on 13 Oct. 2013 :

Title : Glue Applicator Syringe
Comment : This is the first time I have used this type of glue applicator and I found it excellent, especially when I do writing with this as its very precise, I can highly recommend this

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