BeadSmith Craft Wire

Our tarnish-resistant craft wire is manufactured by the BeadSmith and comes in a range of gauges (thicknesses) to suite your needs. It’s ideal for adding embellishments to handmade cards or crafts, tiara making and a range of other jewellery and craft making projects. The anti tarnish wire has an ultra thin layer of plastic coating for protecting the wire from scratching and is very flexible, bends easily into shape and holds well. The craft wire roll sizes differ according to the wire gauge size. 18 gauge – 1.0mm – 10 yard reel 22 gauge – 0.6mm – 20 yard reel 24 gauge – 0.5mm – 30 yard reel 26 gauge – 0.4mm – 34 yard reel 28 gauge – 0.3mm – 40 yard reel