Swarovski Flat Back HOTFIX Crystals 2038 SMALL PACKS

We are a UK Supplier of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in this section you will find small packs of Hotfix Swarovski Flatbacks also known as Rhinestones are highly polished cut glass multi faceted crystals. They have a high lead content which makes them heavier than standard glass crystals and also increases the index of refraction, which in turn makes them sparkly like diamonds when they come into contact with light. They are used extensively in the fashion and jewellery industries throughout the world because of their diamond like qualities. They add sparkle and glamour to evening and day wear as well as jewellery and countless accessories. Hotfix flatbacks require the use of an applicator wand, iron or press to heat up the adhesive on the back of the crystal. Swarovski Elements Hotfix 2028 and 2038 Xilion Rose crystals are perfect for applying to fabric, paper or card. Guide on how to apply hotfix crystals