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How to crystallize shoe heels

Swarovski heels

** PLEASE READ THROUGH THE COMPLETE TUTORIAL BEFORE STARTING ** What you will need: 1. Swarovski flatback rhinestones NON-HOTFIX: size ss12 (3.2mm), ss16 (4mm) or ss9 (2.6mm) for this tutorial I have used ss12 as the main crystal size and ss16 and ss9 to fill odd sized gaps. View Swarovski flatbacks 2. Jewel setter: This is a plastic wand with ... Read More »

How to Apply Hotfix Crystals

How to use a hotfix applicator

What are Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals Swarovski hotfix crystals or hot fix rhinestones as they are sometimes called are loose crystal components with a multi faceted face one side and a flat surface coated with a heat sensitive glue on the other. The faceted face is made from lead crystal glass that has been machine cut and the polished to ... Read More »

Create semi precious beads and pendants from pebbles

If you ever visit the beach you will be amazed at the number of pebbles that you come across that have beautiful patterns and colours. If you make handmade jewellery it’s a great inexpensive way to come up with new materials for your designs. To use a stone for jewellery making it will either need to be top drilled to ... Read More »