SS 7 Swarovski Flatback Crystals Non-Hotfix 2058 

Swarovski ss7 rhinestones are ideal for nail art, they are slightly larger than the ss5 which are the most popular size for nails. The ss7 flatbacks are 0.4mm larger in size than the ss5 which means fewer crystals are required for each nail. They are also a great size for crystallizing to toe nails, especially the big toe nail which can take quite a few crystals to cover. Swarovski ss7 rhinestones also know as flat back crystals or diamantes are available in small packs of 100 crystals or wholesale factory packs of 1440 crystals. To apply smaller crystals to nails the most suitable tool to use is an orange stick which if you wet the end is perfect for picking up ss5 and ss7 rhinestones. Each crystal has a silver foil backing which gives the crystals their sparkle as it acts like a mirror and reflects the crystals faceted face.

Not sure which is the right crystal size? Print out our PDF Document which shows the exact rhinestones sizes

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Showing 1 - 52 of 52 items


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