SS34 Swarovski Flatback Crystals Non-Hotfix 2058 

These crystals are ss34 which are 7mm in diameter have a foil back and a multi faceted face, they are the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Xilion Xilion Rose 2058 cut. Larger flatbacks which are often called rhinestones are widely used for crystallizing dance costumes, footwear or any garment or surface where larger crystals are required. To apply the crystals a suitable adhesive must be used of which there are a number of choices below, e6000 is perfect for plastic, rubber, metal and glass, but has strong fumes. Gemtac is a non toxic adhesive which will give a good bond to most surfaces but is generally not as strong as e6000 which is industrial strength. The third adhesive we offer is GS-Hypo Cement which works well on hard non flexible surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic.

If you are unsure of which adhesive to use view our adhesive guide or guide to choosing the best adhesive for fabric we also have a range of step by step tutorials outlining how to apply crystals on our blog.

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Showing 1 - 44 of 44 items


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