SS40 Swarovski Flatback Crystals Non-Hotfix 2058 

SS40 rhinestones are one size down from the largest size we stock, these 8.5mm flat back crystals are only manufactured in plain crystal and Crystal AB. They are very popular for adding sparkle to dance costumes, ice skating dresses and other garments that you would like to add some dazzle to. The 2028 Xilion Rose is a multi faceted cut glass lead crystal and the ones sold on this site have a silver backing that enhances the crystals sparkle whilst providing a good surface to use an adhesive on for bonding to fabric, wood, metal, plastic etc. These larger crystals have also become very popular with interior designers for accessorising decor such as mirrors, furniture, curtains and even bathroom tiles.

Not sure which is the right crystal size? Print out our PDF Document which shows the exact rhinestones sizes


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