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Havaianas E6000 adhesive problems

E6000 becoming soft or melting on Havaianas – what are the alternatives?

A number of customers have been having problems with Havaianas and e6000 adhesive where the glue will become tacky after a few days as if it’s melting. The result being that crystals slide or just don’t stay firmly in position, where in the past e6000 would ensure the crystals are stuck to the strap for good. It appears that the adhesive still works well on other flip flops as well as Converse rubber but the material used for Havaianas no longer bonds successfully to e6000.

It’s difficult to tell whether it’s the flip flop material that’s changed or the e6000 adhesive or whether over preparing the surface is more harmful than no preparation at all. The only way to find out for sure is to test the e6000 glue out for myself along with some alternatives which have been discussed on various forums/blogs online.

Adhesives used for testing on Havaianas
The Adhesives tested are as follows: 1. Premium Tacky Glue, 2. Gem-Tac, 3. Glass Metal & More (Recommended on the Beacon Adhesives Selection Chart for Rubber), 4. E-6000, 5. Shoe Goo and 6. Gorilla Glue (For the Toughest Jobs On Planet Earth).


materials used for preparing the strap
One flip flop has been prepared by rubbing down the strap and logo with sand paper and then cleaning away any grease or dust with rubbing alcohol, the other flip flop has just been cleaned with alcohol and no other preparation.


Prepared flip flops

You can see from the image above the difference between a prepared and unprepared surface.



Apply adhesive to the flip flop strap

Glue is applied to the strap using the back of the jewel setter, the adhesive used in the image is Gemtac which is white in colour but dries clear.
gemtac Glue used to crystallize strap
A small section of crystals are then added to the adhesive for testing purposed on both the prepared and unprepared flip flops.


Glue Application

1. Premium Tacky Glue: Thin in consistency but easy to apply, there are no nasty fumes, you will need an orange stick to ease the crystal off the jewel setter or leave the glue for a minute or two to thicken and become more tacky. White in colour but dries clear.

2. Gem-Tac: Thin in consistency like Tacky Glue but thickens after a few minutes, its also white and dries clear, has no harmful fumes and will require an orange stick to loosen the crystal from the jewel setter unless you leave the glue to turn tacky first.

3. Glass Metal & More: Clear and very runny in consistency, this stuff really stinks but bonds well to the strap and the crystals also stick to it easily. You have add the crystals to the adhesive quickly as the glue forms a skin after a few minutes and if you try and add crystals after this has happened it makes a mess.

4. E-6000: Thick clear consistency with strong fumes, the crystals bond to the glue easily although it does dry fairly quickly so only add enough for a few crystals at a time

5. Shoe Goo: Thinner in texture to E6000, its clear and also has strong fumes (seem slightly stronger than E6000 but not as bad as Metal glass and more) its easy to apply to the surface and the crystals bond easily with the glue.

6. Gorilla Glue: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this adhesive as I have only heard of it mentioned a few times online and expected it to be much like superglue but flexible. To use it you have to dampen the surface then apply the adhesive and add the crystals. The adhesive is clear with no noticeably fumes, it’s very thin in consistent which meant that the crystals started to slide off the strap once they had been applied and constantly had to be pushed back into place. The biggest surprise is that after a minute or two it started to foam as can be seen in the image below and set hard like styrofoam, the bond with the surface is extremely strong but it ruined the crystals so is of no use.


Havaianas and Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue a few minutes after application, bubbles and then the bubbles set hard.


Adhesives location on flop flop
One completed pair of flip flops which are then ready to be placed in a cool dry location for what turned out to be 8 days before removing them to test how strongly each adhesive bonded the crystals.



Best adhesive for Havaianas


Conclusion – 8 Days Later

1. It seems that preparing the surface with fine sand paper or an emery cloth provides a better bond for the adhesive.

2. Gorilla Glue which although the strongest glue out of the 6 is of no use because it foams and then the bubbles created set hard.

3. The crystals bonded with Metal Glass & More slid off both flip flop surfaces, the adhesive felt like it hadn’t set properly even after 8 days.

4. Shoe Goo was soft on the unprepared surface but had a reasonable bond on the prepared surface, it’s made by the same manufacturer as E6000 which has bonding problems so I don’t want to give it a thumbs up yet but will report back after 30 days.

5. E6000 was soft on the un-prepared surface but again like the Shoe Goo still gave a reasonable bond on the prepared surface contrary to the experience many people have has with this adhesive.  I also had problems with the last pair of flip flops that I crystallized, so again I will monitor the E6000 to find out when the glue goes tacky.

6. Neither the Tacky Glue or Gemtac provided a solid bond on the un-prepared flip flop but both provide a good strong bond on the prepared surface. A number of customers have been using the Gemtac adhesive with no reported problems for crystallizing Havaianas so I would have to go with Gemtac as the most suitable adhesive for use with Havaianas flip flops at present but I will update the post if there is any change with the bond strength.


It appears that the best solution at the moment is to use a different brand of Flip flops as it appears, its only the Havaianas that has the adhesive bonding problem.  Although there hasn’t been any problems yet with the Gemtac I have read online that others have also experienced it softening, but I will update the post if the adhesive softens. If you have any suggestions or know of an adhesive that works please let us know.

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  1. So you said you would follow the Gemtac to see if there are any reported problems with it softening. Has anyone had any constructive responses to this glue. Would love to have any feedback relating to the Havaianas and glue issues.

    • Hi Paula

      I can confirm that the Gemtac Crystals on the prep’d surface are still firmly in place we have also been advised by one of our customers that Evo-Stik serious glue works well but I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Thank you for the heads up on the Evo-Stik. I could only find it in the UK through EBAY so ordered. Worth a try. Will let you know results. Again, thank you. Did you just prep the surface with sand paper or did you use a dremel? Its only the Havaianas from approx early 2010 to current. The shoes before that time worked great with the E6000. The shoes actually feel differently more flimsy, greasy. I suspect that the oils they use in the rubber secrete out of the shoe and compromise the glue. Sometimes right away and sometimes takes a while. Its sooooooo frustrating for my business.

    • Hi Paula I used a craft knife and sand paper, A Dremel would be safer if you are not used to using a craft knife ( Never cut towards you, or apply much pressure as when the knife comes out of the material if you are applying force you will usually end up cutting yourself). I would do a test on a small area first just lightly rubbing down the surface and add 3 or 4 crystals and see how the bond goes. You can remove all the glue with nail varnish remover after a week or 2 once you have seen how the bond goes,the glue will also come of the crystals so they wont be wasted. Also what you wont have wasted then is hours of time. If you have a prepped flip flop try a bit of the glue with a few crystals also to see how the 2 compare. Will be getting some CG500 Swarovski’s recommended Glue soon and will see how it compares to the evostick and Gemtac in another test.

      • Hi Khaled, I’m trying to sift through your info for the latest. Thank you for all your work on this! Did CG500 work? What is the best recommendation to date for Havaianas? I haven’t been promoting my work – because I’m not confident in Gem Tac – but people keep ordering. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

        • Hi Caron
          I haven’t tried CG500 for Havaianas but have spoken to Swarovski and they haven’t been able to recommend the glue for the purpose so I would say no it won’t last long term but will also go soft as it offers no form of plasticizer resistance.

  3. Hi I had the same problem with e6000 glue on Havaianas until I saw someone tried it on one of the DIY forums with a Japanese-made glue called the Deco Princess. They had really good results and the crystals stayed on strong even without any treatment on the flip-flops. I got my glue off Etsy from a company called GemMii and it actually worked really well…I’ve been wearing my Havaianas for months now and none of the crystals fell off! You may want to check it out.

    • Hi Lis many thanks will purchase some and give it a try.

      • Hi Khaled! Did the GemMii work? I saw it online and it looks good, but just wondering what you found. Thanks, Kate

        • Hi Kate the GemMii will stick the crystals onto the rubber but it’s exactly like super glue, there is virtually no working time, the fumes can cloud the crystals, if it is applied in more than spots it will tear the rubber when the strap bends, so for me its not a good option. Having said that if you are very careful it will stick on the crystals, it would be worth asking for a data sheet on the glue if you intend to use for long periods as there may be some nasty chemicals in there. You can then take steps to make sure you wear the correct protection if necessary.

  4. Hi Khaled, just want to give you an update! I wanted to go back and get more Deco Princess glue for my new flip flops and the supplier told me that this glue doesn’t work too well with the new Havaianas…it’s probably the same problem that you mentioned! I think my current havaianas might be the older models. Anyway, they are sending me a new formula glue for Havaianas so I will see how that works out!

    • Hi Lis Fingers crossed it will work. The only glue that I have heard that customers have had success with is EVO Stick Serious glue but it doesn’t dry clear an yellows which kind of makes it useless.

  5. Hi, has anyone got any updates as to what they have found to be the best on Havaianas? I too have had the same problem with the E6000 so looking for the best alternative, any suggestions? Is Gem Tac the best one? Many Thanks

    • Hi Poshbird
      I will be getting some new adhesives in to try soon I have heard that one works well but am yet to try.

  6. Nice of you to take the time to test all the glues…helpful for people…

    I’ve had my own glue designed by a lab….no more probs.

    Havaianas also removed the LEAD in 2010 …. was a massive recall….I don’t think they changed the sandals with the intension on messing up the crystallizers….just happened with the new mix, and they are happy about it!

    • Hi Sidney
      Thank you for the comment, hopefully we will find an adhesive that solves the problem I have been told there is a Japanese craft adhesive that works well but I am yet to test it.

  7. Hi

    I am in desperate need of help seems no glue I use is working with the hav’s but this is the first year I’ve had problems. The gem tac isn’t working and I’ve used this on a few pairs previously and has been fine. I also was advised to use metal,glass and more same problem. Has anyone found a solution xx

    • Hi Carly

      I am in the process of testing some at the moment, but can confirm that glass metal and more doesn’t work. Will add a post soon.

  8. Hi team, any updates on what’s the best adhesive to use on Havaiana’s? I am using Gemtac but not sure it’s the best as have had a couple start coming loose, and these are not the types of products I want to be selling. So would appreciate your assistance.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Zoe
      Have completed the test the adhesive is very easy to use and smells nice which was a surprise. Just waiting to see if the glue turns soft, generally how long after crystallizing did you notice the issue was it straight away of after a few days/weeks.

  9. Hi I am so happy I’m not the only person with this problem…. I had to remove all the crystals coz e6000 was leaving behind this sticky mess!! Hope you can find a solution for us soon, I’m sure lots of people are waiting to hear your results!! Great tutorials by the way they are really helpful for beginners like me!!

    • Hi Laura
      Have completed the test with the adhesive which is really nice to use and smells quite nice, which is a bonus. Just waiting to see if the glue turns soft, generally how long after crystallizing did you notice the issue was it straight away of after a few days/weeks.

  10. Hi Khaled

    How strange, my daughter has just left her havaiana’s today for me you re-crystal, so I came to your site
    to buy more glue, to find this glue discussion.
    I used E6000 last year , she has lost only a few crystals but the glue has gone all soft, so I have had to remove all
    of them and start again.
    So I would be very interested in your glue tests.
    I will wait until your results before I buy now…..thanks for your help

    • Hi Lorraine

      Will put up the tutorial for the flip flops using ss20 crystals and the new adhesive, but will wait a few days to see if the glue goes soft, the US company who sent the adhesive to us to test sent it with the purpose of testing for Havaianas so fingers crossed it works.

  11. Hi Khaled, the e6000 turned soft the next day and its so hard to remove…..it’s just a great big mess

    • Hi Laura
      With a cotton cloth and some nail varnish remover although its a pain it will all come off and you can use the crystals again.

  12. Hi. I have been given a pair of converse from a customer. They already have cheap gems on them… They look like nail art gems…I have removed them with my fingernail (that’s how easy they came off) there s some glue left on the front of converse how do you recommend I remove this.. Not sure what glue was used :). Many thanks x

    • Hi Daw Tapp Yes I would use acetone nail varnish remover to clean the lot off and start over again from a nice clean surface, if you are careful and the crystals are glass you will be able to remove any of the sticky glue off them, but if they are nail art size may be easier to bin them as they are too fiddly to clean unless you have the patience if a saint ; )

  13. Khaled

    Have you any advice on what I can use to clean up the crystals that I have removed from the havaianas

    still feel sticky after cleaning most of the E6000 glue off.

    • Hi Lorraine
      I can confirm that acetone nail varnish will strip the glue and stockiness off Havaianas and crystals if you are patient enough to clean each one.

  14. Hi Khaled

    Any updates yet! sorry to pester but I need to do my daughter’s havanianas for holiday in 2 weeks.
    So not sure to wait or buy the Gem tac glue!

    • Hi Lorraine
      The test was unsuccessful will get the post up today, the adhesive applied the crystals nicely, but the bond isn’t long lasting after just over a week the glue hasn’t gone soft but the crystals have come loose when you bend the strap. To date the best adhesive I have found is gemtac which isn’t the ideal solution if you intend to sell them, but provides the best bond that I know of.

  15. Hi Khaled!
    Omg you are a saint for posting all this!!! I am a single mother– when I was pregnant in 2011, I sank in a bunch of $ to start my own Haviana crystallizing business. I had previously made them for my own personal use using E600, so to start off my business I spent several days making 25 or so pairs of crystallized havianas. I set out to shop them around to different boutiques, only to have all the crystals start slipping and sliding off in the car on the way there! It only got worse over the next few days and crystals were falling off left and right. I tried buying new bottles of E600 and redoing it with no luck. I was so devastated after putting in so much $ and time that my business idea to make some extra $ (while working from home to provide for my son and I) was not going to work that I put everything in a box and planned to get it figured out when I wasn’t as upset.
    Well that time is now! Your posts have been soooo helpful! I am SO anxious to hear what brand new glue you tried! Did you find that it worked?? I’m really ready to get re-started on this business venture and am praying the new glue you tried worked and your able to reveal the name!!
    Thanks soo much!!

    • Hi Britt
      The test wasn’t successful unfortunately but I have another glue by the same company which Im testing at the moment also so fingers crossed it will work.

  16. What a bummer, but thank you for the update.. Hopefully this next one you are testing works…are you able to say the name of it or the other one you just got done testing?

    What do you think all the people selling the crystallized Havaianas on Etsy are using? Alot of them say its a specially formulated glue that will absolutely not allow crystals to come off… Are all these people contacting adhesive companies and paying for them to formulate a glue just for them? That seems like it would be really pricey…? Or is a matter of just testing and finding the right one already on the market?
    Is the new glue you are testing now available in stores if it does work? Or will you have to special order?
    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be annoying… It’s just that my girlfriend asked me to do several pairs for her bridesmaids for her wedding in August and I do not want to let her down 🙁
    Thanks again for your help!

    • Hi Britt the 2nd adhesive works but clouds the crystals so is of no use, I have contacted a number of adhesives manufacturers outlining the problem to see if any of them can recommend a suitable product to try. To overcome the problem of the adhesive going soft we need an adhesive that has plasticizer migration resistance to prevent the plasticizer that is seeping out of the rubber from changing the properties of the adhesive. So at least I now know the problem. The 2nd adhesive tested was very much like super glue the bond was extremely strong and I very much doubt that it will go soft but it appears to be the vapours from the glue that form a coating over the crystal surface and cause it to go cloudy.

  17. Oh that is such a bummer! Didn’t you say crystals don’t go cloudy and we can use a nail polish remover to clean the surface to remove the cloudiness? I was sooo looking forward to a solution… And now I don’t know what to use again!

    • Hi Laura
      The crystals themselves haven’t gone cloudy like acrylic, but the fumes coat the glass and give it a cloudy dull coating which ruines the look of the crystal, however I am sending some samples off to an adhesive supplier who is going to test and see if they have a solution available. Fingers crossed.

  18. Hi again! Thanks for posting about the Japanese adhesive from Etsy as I was just about to order some! Still bummed that it wasn’t a solution but You saved me a lot of lost time and hassle! 🙂
    I was Just wondering if you have heard of or tried either Quick Grip from Beacon Adhesives or Urethane adhesive from the website that sells Cariris flip flops…? Both say that its meant esp. to bond crystals to rubber.

  19. Hello,

    Can I use Gemtac on Nike Blazers? also is UV6800 glue the same as E6000, I bought what i thought was E6000 and ended up with UV6800.

    Thank you


  20. Well? Do we have any new ideas on the crystals, glue, havaianas? Any glue working?

  21. Hi Khaled,
    Any luck with the adhesive supplier on this yet? I think I can speak for many of the crystallisers on here to say we are desperately awaiting a solution to this problem. Any updates you have would be appreciated. Many thanks

  22. Hello – I have been making crystal flip flops for the past year and some of my customers are coming back to me for repairs because the glue [E6000] is spitting and separating from the shoe. This is not happening to every pair and I cannot seem to figure out what I can do to prevent this.
    I am using Cariris sandals.
    Thank you for your assistance!

    • Hi Meagan

      There isn’t a solution at present as the only way to prevent the glue from going soft is to use a primer or glue that prevents plasticizer migration which I am unable to source at present. The problem is that the very chemicals that make the rubber soft and pliable are bleeding out of the rubber and into the glue and making that soft in the process. Aside from gluing the crystals on the only other alternatives would be to use rose pins or rivers which I may do a test with to see if it damages the strap. The adhesive problem will then be eliminated.

  23. Thank you so much for all this great information, what a hassle with these havaiana’s!!! I’ve been looking online for other types of good flip flops to use. Have you ever used the “Dupe (another Brazilian brand) or Nomad flip flops. I’m trying to replace a pair of Havaiana’s I did for a customer and the stones when everywhere. Thanks for any recommendations.

    • Hi Judy Have a look at Ipanema flip flops they have some very nice designs and are also Brazillian but I haven’t tried them yet.

  24. Thank you for all this great information about the Havaiana’s. Can you recommend any other brand of flip flops to use. I’ve seen the Dupe’s on line and they look a lot like the Havaiana’s. Thanks for any advice or recommendations you can give.

    • Hi Judy
      Ipanema have some really nice flip flops but I haven’t tested crystallizing them they are also a Brazillian Brand that is known internationally.

  25. Hi
    Is there any update on the glue for havainas
    And anyone know the best way to remove hotfix ones off them

    • Hi You can remove the hotfix crystals with acetone nail varnish remover. As regards adhesive for Havaianas there is no update from the adhesive companies so far.

  26. Hi Khaled

    Any updates regarding the glue tests,….. I’m still using E6000 but some crystals are still falling off and moving
    as the glue is going soft.

    • Hi Lorraine
      None sorry have spoke to the adhesives company a few weeks ago but had no feedback yet on the samples we have sent, there is a lady who has posted that she has found a solution and I have asked her if she is able to let me know as soon as I hear anything will post the reply.

  27. Hi Carol
    Still waiting for feedback from the adhesive company testing the samples we sent. Can you advise the solution you found?

  28. Hi
    I haven’t found the solution was supposed to read have you found it lol

  29. Do you have any glue updates? I’m willing to pay ‘Sydney’ (from the April 20/213 post) for info on the glue that was created. Please forward her my contact info. Thank you. I have Havaianas I’d like to do for a wedding. I would pay anyone willing to share info. Tkx

  30. Hi
    Does anyone know or have tried the evo stick serious glue I’ve heard that works ???

    • Hi Carol It will work for a while but will also go soft, the problem isn’t any of the adhesives its the rubber itself. It bleeds out the chemical that makes the rubber supple which in turn makes the glue nice and soft, there are adhesives or primers that have a built in chemical barrier that prevents the chemical penetrating the adhesive, but its not for sale to the commercial market or I haven’t been able to find any.

  31. Any hope on the horizon? I made one pair of flip flops and the E6000 glue got soft. I would love to make more, but am waiting to buy a glue that actually works. Please let me know. And again, Thank YOU for trying to solve this difficult problem.
    God bless.

    • Hi Roberta

      I still haven’t managed to find a solution but have again contacted a number of adhesives companies this past week so am still trying to find a solution.

  32. Michelle nardone

    I’m losing my mind. I bought a glue from sparkle rhinestones for 13.oo and she claims does work on rubber. I can’t get anything to work. Someone please

  33. I just wanted to let everyone know that I bought Cariris flip flops and hate them. I was hoping this would be a good resolution, but let me tell you the quality of the flip flop just isn’t there. I wasted $50 ordering them. Horrible!!!!
    I hope you can solve this mystery for us, Khaled. It’s driving me nuts!
    Good luck and thank you again for trying so hard to figure it out for us.

    • Hi Roberta
      I had thought about testing some of the alternative brands of flip flops to see if any are like the Havaianas but without the problems so thank you for letting me know I will stay away from them. I have again contacted several adhesives manufacturers this morning asking for a solution as I haven’t had any luck with the companies I have tried up to now, so fingers crossed one will be able to help. Out of curiosity although the flip flops weren’t very nice did they also have the problem of softening adhesive?

  34. Has anyone tried Gemini I think Japanese glue that supposedly works on havaianas?

    • Hi Marilyn Yes there is a test here on the blog for Gem Mii adhesive, it’s a really nice glue to use but just doesn’t work on Havaianas very well just like the other adhesives it goes soft. They also sell an adhesive that’s very similar to superglue which will definitely stick the crystals to rubber, you have to be very careful though if it gets near the crystals face the fumes cloud the glass also if mote than a spot is applied to an area once the rubber bends it will crack. I haven’t been able to find any adhesive to overcome the problem and to be honest haven’t had much support back from the enquiries I have repeatedly sent to adhesives companies. If anyone knows of a solution I would be very interested to give it a test.

  35. Hi Khaled
    thanks for the quick response, yes i am sorry i did read about the Gem Mii and the deco princess testing. But my question today is that i have noticed lots of Havaianas for sale on Etsy so i wrote to a couple of the sellers and they both said that they have a lab make their glue special for the Havaianas flip flops, so how does one go about that, and if this is true why aren’t the labs putting it out there for people who want to make their own. I am not in sales competition just making for my own pleasure. just venting this is so frustrating…
    thanks again

    • Hi Marilyn
      If I knew where this mystical lab was I would have some made up to sell to our customers, unfortunately all of the places I have contacted to date have been unable to help or advise that there is a product that will be suitable on the way, but they are unable to provide any further info. Very frustrating I agree.

  36. Thanks for your response Khaled.
    My final question is what is a decent flip flop and where would i purchase that i can use for my crystal flip flop project. Thanks again for your blog and all the help you provide for crystalizers!

  37. Will you please list all the glues you have tried so I know know not to bother? Also, I have a great pair of pre-2010 Lori Jack havaianas. The crystals are great but the flip flop itself broke between the toes. Does anyone know a great glue to fix this? Has anyone tried Mister Glue on the new Havaianas?

    • Hi Deb
      I haven’t tried Mister Glue but have just emailed them enquiring to see if the adhesive will work. There is a video on youtube for repairing Wellington boots and they use ‘Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive’ I haven’t tried or even heard of the adhesive but it should do the trick, its also possible if they are the older model before the problems came along that e6000 should be sufficient to provide a strong bond without softening.

  38. Hi Khaled
    Any news if you have a solution on the glue to use on the havainas ??
    Also do you know if the same problem occurs on the havaian freedom sandals or will it stick to them ??

    • Hi Carol
      I have been unable to find a solution unfortunately have still been trying various adhesives manufacturers in the UK and USA but none have been able to provide a solution to date which is very frustrating. There are obviously adhesives that some people are using and I have been told that they have had them custom made by adhesives suppliers but none of the ones I have contacted have any solutions. I haven’t tried freedom sandals but looking at them online they appear to be the same material but with a thinner loop/buckle strap, so I would guess the same problem would apply to them unfortunately. There is a make called Cariris which look pretty identical to Havaianas are also from Brazil, 100% rubber and a fraction of the cost of Havaianas and would like to test some but am unable to find a UK supplier. They only seem to be available in the US although there are lots of crystallized pairs for sale on ebay.

      • Cariris look like crap in person. The quality just isn’t there. Don’t waste your money. They are so ugly, I didn’t even decorate them. One sole was even thicker than the other!

        • Hi Roberta
          Thanks for letting me know have been struggling to find a supplier from the UK as they all seem to come from the US at present, so will give them a miss and possibly try a different brand thats an alternative to the Havaianas.

  39. I think I might have solved the glue problem!!!!!!!!! Need advice Please!!!

    I wrote to you how I tried every glue and it did not work. U kindly answered back that yes there is currently no glue solution. Well I am desperate and I tried but I couldn’t get anyone to sell me the “secret sealant” solution!! 🙁

    Anyway I prefer to o work on old Navy and so I saw on the internet people saying they solved their glue problem by covering the flip flop with Ribbon!!! Wraping the ribbon around the flip flop and then adding the crystals.

    So I went and wrapped up flip flops with Gem Tac and they seem to be staying but having trouble figuring out what to do in the middle because i cant figure out how to cover the flip flop up completely in the middle with ribbon yet tried 3/4 and 5/5 and many methods!! Additionally, haven’t figured out how to get a larger center piece to stay. I know you are trying to find I glue solution too. Can you try this and we can exchange feed back ??? What do you think?


    • Hi Amy how are you going to attach the ribbon? Is it one strip along the length of the strap or wind the ribbon round and round the strap like a spiral?

  40. I am wrapping the 5/8 ribbon around the Old Navy Flip Flop like a spiral. I used Gem Tac that seemed to be working then I just put them out in the rain and the glue turned white again after being out in the rain. I am waiting to see if it goes back to clear. I am wondering if E6000 might work better. I hot glue gun down a piece of ribbon near the center then wrap the ribbon over the center strap and continue to wrap the inside of the flip flop and then push the end of the wrapped ribbon thru the thong holder at the end to insure the ribbon will stay in place. Than I hot glue gun a piece of ribbon on the outside of the flip flop and wrap it till I get to the end and stick the extra ribbon thru the thong holder at the end. Another problem with this method is that the center part where it is wrapped lays around the flip flop so one shoe looked flush with the flip flop the other like I said laid across it so you can get the two shoes to look consistent. I am thinking I am going to have to see if I use E6000 glue on a larger center stone on top of the smaller rows of stones will the E6000 glue hold and then have the center piece non symmetry issue resolved!! Are you willing to try the ribbon wrapping method with E6000 glue and tell me how it works out? I can keep you updated on he Gem Tac Solution!! Is there a place I can send you pics so you can understand what I am talking about? 🙂



  41. Hi, Did you find an alternative industrial adhesive for havaianas yet? I was about to use the E6000 for my flip flops and I ended reading all of the above comments, now, I don’t have idea which glue to use so the swarovski will stay in place for ever. Thanks for the info.

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