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Swarovski Elements Plug Socket Mockup

We have had a request on our blog asking for a mockup of a crystallized plug socket for which I have taken an image of a single plug socket and scaled to size alongside a range of crystals.

The Mock-ups show the socket with ss16(4mm), ss12(3.2mm) and ss9(2.6mm) crystals. I also tried up to ss20 which is 5mm but the larger the crystal size the bigger the gaps around the plug openings.

Plug Socket with ss20 crystals
1. Plug Socket with ss20 crystals offset each row, which really makes for messy row ends and additional crystal sizes will be required for the gaps.  *Image enlarged.

Plug Socket with ss16 crystals
2. Mockup with ss16 crystals inline. *Image enlarged.

Plug Socket with ss12 crystals
3. ss12 crystals which I think are the best choice as they are less fiddly than the ss9 and give a nice fit. *Image enlarged.

Plug Socket with ss9 crystals
4. ss9 crystals which give a nice fit but are fiddlier to apply. *Image enlarged.

Plug Socket with ss12 crystals
5. Scale image of ss12 crystals on a plug socket which I think are the best choice as they are less fiddly than the ss9 and give a nice fit.

As regards adhesive GS-Hypo cement is the easiest to apply the crystals with but as the plug socket will be subjected to knocks the crystals would come off with GS-Hypocement. E6000 would be the better choice as the adhesive dries like rubber so will offer some cushioning for knocks, its also a stronger adhesive but the downside is that its thicker. While applying ss12 and above crystal sizes is nice and simple with e6000 anything smaller and you really have to take care to spread the adhesive or apply via a syringe applicator so that the crystals don’t get buried under the adhesive. You may want to leave a larger area around where the plug is inserted into the socket if required.

*** Please note as an adhesive is liquid the crystals should be applied to the socket before connecting to the mains, or the power turned off to prevent electrocution. ***

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  1. Hi I’ve just got into use in crystle and would like to find out how u do mock up design before u use crystles as if it was a drawing is there some software u can get or is it a long process so if I want to cover a shape I can use to save time thanks

    • Hi Steve
      You can use any vector art program just to make the crystals to scale and then the image you want to cover I use Illustrator but there is also Inkscape that’s a free software.

  2. How many crystals are used in ss12 for a light switch…

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