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How to Crystallize Nike Blazers

Swarovski Nike Blazers

Completed Swarovski Elements Nike Blazers.


Swarovski Nike Blazers Equipment

What you will need:

a. Swarovski flatback rhinestones NON-HOTFIX: size ss12(3.2mm), ss16(4mm) and ss20 (5mm). View Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals.

b. Jewel setter: This is a plastic wand with a wax bud one side and pointed end the other, it makes picking up rhinestones very simple. View Jewel setter

c. e6000 adhesive: This is an industrial strength craft adhesive that’s very strong, flexible, waterproof and clear in colour. It should be used in a well ventilated area with a mask for protection from the harmful fumes. View e6000 glue

d. Orange stick: Small wooden stick used for pushing back cuticles.

e. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol): Used for removing any traces of grease or bits of glue and fluff off the tick, it also dries very quickly.

f. Nike Blazers: To add the crystals to.



1. Two of the ticks had bits of sticky fibres and adhesive covering them, to remove this I use Rubbing Alcohol (Surgical Spirit) and a clean cotton cloth to remove any glue, grease or residue.



2. Empty a small amount of crystals out onto a clean flat surface making sure they are all turned faceted face up and in piles according to their size, ss12, ss16 and ss20.


3. Before adding any glue to the tick I would first place a row or 2 of crystals on the tick to see which ones fit best, they can then be removed ready for gluing. As you can see above I have used alternated the 3 crystal sizes to create the best fit for the tick.


Crystallizing the Nike Blazers Tick with Swarovski Crystals


1. Squeeze out a small amount of e6000 onto the end of the jewel setter and spread enough glue for the first row of crystals.


2. Using the jewel setter wax bud pick-up the 1st crystal and place it in position at the end of the tick.


3. Once the crystals are placed onto the adhesive use the orange stick to finely position the crystals and push down into the adhesive to ensure a firm bond.



4. Continue adding crystals row by row, first place the crystals into position to see which fit the best, then remove them and glue into place.


5. The first 13 rows.


6. Row 16.


7. Row 20.


8. At this point of the tick I stop adding rows of crystals and move to the tip of the tick.


9. Add the first crystal right at the tip of the tick and then work backwards row by row.


10. Using ss16 crystals follow around the curve with the first row of crystals.


11. Continue with the 2nd row of crystals.


12. Close the gap around the curve.


13. Continue adding another row of crystals gradually closing the last gap.


14. Test to see which crystal sizes fit best like a jigsaw puzzle (without using glue), then when you have the best fit, remove the crystals and place then keeping the pattern onto the desk, then continue adding the design until they are all glued into place.


15. Completed Tick View 1.


16. Completed Tick View 2.


17. Completed Tick View 3. The 3 views should give a complete picture of how the crystals were added.


How many crystals do I need?

There are 4 ticks so if you want to crystallize both the ticks on each trainer it will be 4 x the amount of crystals below for each size.

If you follow this tutorial and crystallize a pair of Nike Blazers please let us know how you got on and how many crystals you used so that we can update the table for as many sizes as possible.

Nike Blazers Size ss12 per tick ss16 per tick ss20 per tick
Junior size 2 24 62 34


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  1. Hi, great timing, I’m doing some of these for my friend! Can you tell me which colour crystals you’ve used?

  2. Hi how many of each crystals would I need to do this for an adult size 6 thanks!

    • Hi Emily
      At a guess it would take 30% extra crystals per tick for a size 6 than it would for the size 2, I would be grateful if you could give an exact figure once you complete the tick so that I can update the chart.

  3. Would 100 ss12, 100 ss16 and 100 ss20 be enough for 2 ticks on a size 4?

    • Hi Becca To get the best fit you would need slightly more ss16 as the size 2 takes 62 crystals per tick unless you wanted to fill the gaps with other sizes.

  4. What size crystals will I need for a size 4 shoe and were could I get this glue from?

    • Hi Ashleigh ss9 crystals would be a good size for size 4 shoes which are used for crystallizing mobile phones and a lot easier to use than smaller sizes, once you get below ss9 you have to be a lot more careful with the adhesive and not getting the crystals bogged under. You can get the no hotfix crystals and adhesive here Just select the size you require and everything else is available on the page.

  5. How many of each size crystals would I need for a adult uk size 7?

    • Hi Ab
      The size on the tutorial is a 2 so I would guess that it would be 30/40% more crystals per toe at a guess, If you can measure the tick and let me know the length and helght I can give you a more accurate estimate.

  6. Hey is there any way I can see the picture of the diagram tick which shows what sizes of Swarovski to use? Thanks

  7. Hi there..

    I’m about to attempt to do this on a pair for my daughters birthday & will be following your instructions. I’ll be purchasing a size 5, do you recommend the same sizes of crystals for the bigger ticks?

    • Hi Sarah, Yes the ss12, ss16 and ss20 combinations will work well as the three different sizes allow for filling any gap size by choosing the best combination out of the 3 sizes which are all about a mm difference in size and the ss12 works well for the pointy end of the tick.

  8. what size of crystals will i need for a size 13 nike blazer and were would i get them and the glue ?

  9. hi, would someone be able to do this for me if i sent away my shoes to them? it is the same blazers that are in the picture but how much will it cost?

  10. Hi, I’ve been asked by a friend to crystalline her granddaughters blazers, they are an infants size 4 what size of crystals would you suggest I use ? The tick looks as if its made of patent some was thinking of using either E6000 or the GS Hypo cement, what do you reckon would be best ?

    • Hi Elaine For smaller sizes you can try ss9, ss12 and ss16 or if you want the crystals to be a little smaller with more crystals, try the just the ss9 and ss12 which are 3.2mm so not too big.

  11. Hi there what size crystals would you recommend for blazers in an infants size 4 ? Also what glue would you suggest E6000 or the GS Hypo cement as the tick looks as if its patent.

    • Hi Elaine
      E6000 would be a better choice as its flexible where the GS- Hypocement is quite brittle and the surface of the tick will be subjected to movement when worn, for an infant size 4 you can use a combination of ss9 and ss12 you can go up to ss16 but going down smaller than ss9 you really have to be careful not to get the crystals bogged into the glue which is quite thick.

  12. What website can you purchase the glue and jewels from ?

  13. thank you for your contribution .. how many stones you need for size 36 EU?

    • Hi elif
      I wont know the exact amount apologies as I haven’t crystallized that size but I would guess its approximately 20% more stones as compared with a size 2, but If you are able to give me an exact amount once a tick is complete I will update the information on the post.

  14. i have brought a womans size 6.5 pair of nike blazers i was wondering if anyone knew how many Swarovski crystals i would need to do one tick on each shoe?

    • Hi Louise I would guess it to be around 30% more crystals than used in the tutorial if it is more it won’t be by much. If you are able to let me know how many of each size you use I will update the post.

  15. Hi I am doing my daughters nike blazer size 5 adult the tick is shiny , she only wants the edge of the tick decorated with clear crystals , how many will I order and what size please

    • Hi Andrea
      The ss9 will be a good size for crystallizing the outside of the tick, they are 2.6mm in diameter so if you have a flexible tape measure (or piece of string) use it to measure around the outside edge of the tick. For a size 2 its 290mm so it would be 290 / 2.6 = 111 ss9 crystals to cover the outer edge. If you want a larger crystal like the ss12 then just divide the length by 3.2mm. Hope this helps.

  16. Where do I get all of that stuff from todo this ?

  17. Hi i know this demo is for blazers but have you ever blinged up the 3 stripes on a pair of adidas hi tops. Im thinking of trying a pair of adidas basket profi ( near enough blazers but with three stripes). What does everyone else think about the idea. I really dont want to mess it up as theyre brand new

    • Hi Vicky it will be exactly the same principle, you just need to measure the width of each stripe to work out the best flatback crystal size which you can see here. They range from 1.4mm up to 11mm so for example if one stripe is 10mm width you can use two ss20 crystals side by side or 3 x ss12 crystals which will give a greater effect. Once you have worked out the crystal size then its just add them row by row.

  18. Hi how many crystals will i need for an adult size 4 nike blazer?

    • Hi Hayley the Nike Blazers in the tutorial are size 2 so will only take a very small amount of extra crystals to complete each tick. If you are able to give me a count when you are finished I will update the post to reflect the amount used for a size 4.


    • Hi Alanis
      The size 4 will be exactly the same principle it will just take a few more crystals than the size 2 in the tutorial.

  20. Hiya do you know any shops or people that do these? provide the shoes?

    • Hi Lauren we have a number of customers who crystallize shoes that I can pass on your details to if you require.

  21. Hi there my twin girls have size 9 infants could u advise the amount and sizes I would need. Thank you in advance x

  22. Hi,
    Would it be possible to crystallize the ticks in all one size of crystal?

    • Hi Emma
      Yes you can crystallize the tick with just one size, ss12 or ss16 and you will either have to space out the crystals so that there are no large gaps or use a smaller crystal/s size to fill in any gaps if you want the crystals tightly packed together.

  23. Hi , I customised my own Nike blazers with just doin the rim of the shoe my friend wants me to do her daughters but all off the tick are the crystals u have used the best size ideas to use as I’m stuck on sizes. Plus I buy the crystals in wholsale packs so ideally want sizes that can be used on other shoes. Thanks.

    • Hi Becky
      You can basically use any sizes the 3 I choose were just easy sizes to work with, the most popular sizes are generally, ss16, ss12 and ss20, but id the ss20 is too big for your needs to can replace it with ss9 instead. With 3 sizes it just gives you more flexibility with juggling around the crystals to get the best fit, but you can just go with one size the same as the converse tutorial and use a few smaller crystals to fill in any gaps. If you are going to go with one size the ss16 is more economical (price wise) but the ss12 is smaller so will allow you to get into all the corners. Either way if you intend to use just one crystal size you may need a variety of small crystals just to fill in any gaps.

  24. Hi how many would I need to do just the outside edge of the tick (shiny) adult size 5 …..thanks

    • Hi Andrea I dont know sorry but its would be easy to work out just measure with a soft tape around the outer edge of the tick and then divide the size by the crystal size you intend to use i.e if the tick is 200mm around the tick and you intend to use ss12 divide 200 by 3.2 (ss12 are 3.2mm diameter) and you get 62.5 crystals. Hope this helps.

  25. Hi I’m thinking about doing this to size 3 Nike Air Force would the diagram be the same for them or is the tick not the same length if so can you make a diagram for them?

    • Hi Samantha it will be slightly different but the same principle just fill up 1 row at a time with crystals using the various sizes you have to provide the best fit.

  26. Hi im pregnant so really dont want to use e6000 glue what do you suggest i use to bling up a pair of nike blazers and some converse as im having trouble finding whats best to use. x

    • Hi Hollie
      You can use gemtac for the blazers, but leave the top off for a few days for it to thicken up and it is easier to use as regards the Havaianas there isn’t really any solution at present as all the adhesives tend to go soft after a while.

  27. I’m
    Doing my daughters junior size 9 blazers and only have ss12 and ss16 will that be ok?

    • Hi Kirsty
      Sorry for the delay have had a few problems on the main site so haven’t accesses the blog for a few weeks while I have been sorting the problems out. That will be no problems, using 3 sizes just means you have more flexibility but 2 sizes will be fine just place the crystals on the tick to work out the pattern before gluing them into place.

  28. Help! We have done the ticks on blazers with rhinestones but even though we followed the instructions to a T, some of the gems are falling off , can you suggest anything please

    • Hi Angela
      The only alternative will be to use a different adhesive I haven’t tried gemtac the other adhesive I use on the tick but will try and give it a test and update the post as to if its a suitable alternative.

  29. Hi, can I ask if you have ever used evo-stik serious glue? It was given to me by my gran lol I normally use e6000 or gem tac but read the packet and it bonds leather, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber and more its waterproof and stands temperatures from -30 to +130 degrees and is transparent. Basically sounds similar to e6000, going to give it a go tonight on a pair of converse im doing but never used it before somwas just wondering if you had?? X

    • Hi Bryony I know of a few people who have tried it and it seemed to bond well but discoloured yellow quite quickly but haven’t tried it myself.

  30. Je comprends rien mais
    C’est pas grave ! Its beautiful ! Aider moi je veut le faire !

  31. Is the pattern of where the crystal are place the same for every nike shoes? Or does it depend on the nike sign itself? I want to bling out my nike freeruns but I don’t know what size or layout. Is there a way you can make a layout for me(like above)?

    • Hi Trina
      The pattern would depend on the tick, but there is no right or wrong way for crystallizing the tick, if you use ss12 crystals as the main size you will be able to get away with using ss9 for filling in gaps as the tick is smaller. Using 3 sizes just gives a tighter fit, I will add an addition to the post tomorrow for choosing crystals for a smaller sized tick : )

  32. How would I go about crystallising high top wedge nukes. The ticks are like a leopard skin material and is it possible??? They are leather

  33. Hi, great tutorial can you do one of those crystal guides but for a size 8 blazer so I can follow the pattern, thanks

    • Hi Shelley
      I don’t have the tick size for a size 8 sorry, it will be easy for you to work out though if you are using 2 or 3 sizes start at the end (narrow part) of the tick and work out the best fit for the tip with the crystals you have try different combinations. Once you have the end worked out continue adding 1 row at a time don’t glue the crystals into place just wet the tick and the crystals will stick to it. Once you have worked out the pattern take the crystals off the tick one at a time and place them on a flat surface replicating the original tick pattern so they stay in the same order and row. Glue up the tick and then add the crystals adding enough blue for 2-3 rows at a time maximum until you get the hang of it as the glue dries quite quickly.
      Hope this helps and would love to see the completed pic when complete you can post to our facebook page.

  34. Hi, I want to crystallise only the outside ticks on a pair of these Size adult 7. What is the best way to calculate how many of what size crystals I will need please?
    Thanks x

    • Hi Vicki

      You can work out the surface area and calculate an approximation that way or have a look at this post I have made printable sheets of crystal sizes so say you are going to use ss12 print out the ss12 sheet, place it over the tick and draw around the tick. You can then count out the number of crystals to give you an approximation. Bear in mind because of the shape of the tick some crystals will be half in half out of the traced tick, but you will get a very good idea. You can find the printable sheets for all the sizes here https://www.crystalandglassbeads.com/blog/2014/flatback-crystals-guide.html (half way down the post) Hope it helps.

  35. good afternoon

    I use the syringe with the point to crystalize – but how many times can I use the syringe please
    also do you have any tutoring classes in Sydney Australia please

    • Hi Nouha
      We are based in the UK sorry so no classes in Australia. As regards using a syringe more than once if you empty the chamber and squeeze air through a few times to make sure the nozzle in clear after use you can get a few uses out of a syringe. What will eventually happen even if you are careful is that the rubber bung stretches or deforms and no longer gives a good seal and then the syringe has to be replaced, but you can certainly get a few uses out of each one. Just use a tiny amount of glue at a time so there is little or no wastage when you empty the syringe.

  36. Do you bling the inside Nike sign on the shoe as well?

    • Hi Rosita, that’s completely down to your preference and budget but it’s mainly the outside of the shoe that gets the most notice.

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