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Jewellery making tutorials

A selection of jewellery making tutorials, tips and advise for learning new techniques and making pieces of jewellery

Create semi precious beads and pendants from pebbles

If you ever visit the beach you will be amazed at the number of pebbles that you come across that have beautiful patterns and colours. If you make handmade jewellery it’s a great inexpensive way to come up with new materials for your designs. To use a stone for jewellery making it will either need to be top drilled to …

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Choosing Jewellery Pliers

One of the most important tools you can get for jewellery making is pliers. There are so many different kinds that when you are starting out it can be quite confusing choosing the right type. Using the right tool for the right job can really improve your jewellery making whilst cutting down on the time it takes to create your …

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