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Swarovski Crystallizing tutorials

Various tutorials testing adhesives, showing how to crystallize and more

How to use Swarovski Crystal Chatons or Round Stones

Swarovski chatons set into plastic

Guide to Crystallizing Text Using Swarovski Flatback Crystals This tutorial was created by Crystal and Glass Beads Swarovski rounds stones also known as chatons, table diamonds or pointed back stones are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours. Although they can be used in a number of ways the 3 most popular methods of application are: A – …

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How To Crystallize a Champagne Flute / Wine Glass

How to crystallize a glass

Step by step tutorial showing how to crystallize a wine glass / champagne flute with flatback crystals Published by: Crystal and Glass Beads – Author: Khaled Alwan Equipment Required 1. Crystals – for this tutorial I have used ss12 and ss9 Flatback Non-hotfix crystal rhinestones. You can find the flatback crystals needed here 2. Gemtac Adhesive – alternatively you can use e6000 if you have …

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How To Write A Name or Text Using Swarovski Crystals

Guide to Crystallizing Text Using Swarovski Flatback Crystals Published by: Crystal and Glass Beads – Author: Khaled Alwan If you have ever wanted to write something in crystals but don’t know where to start this tutorial will hopefully give you the confidence to get started. The kind of things that can be Crystallized with text are mobile phones, tablets, footwear, clothing, hats, …

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Guide to Using Flatback Crystals

Flatback crystals guide

Complete Guide to Flatback Crystals Published by: Crystal and Glass Beads – Author: Khaled Alwan What are Flatback Crystals? Flatback crystals which are often called rhinestones have a faceted face one side and a flatback on the opposite side usually with a foiled backing. They are available in a range of materials the cheapest being acrylic and the highest quality and most …

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Choosing The Best Tool For Applying Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals

Guide to choosing the right flatback crystal applicator tools Flatbacks or rhinestones as they are often called come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and model/style of crystal. The most well known brand is Swarovski who manufacture a wide range of shapes and sizes that start from size ss3 which are …

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How to Crystallize Havaianas Flip Flops Tutorial – Deco Princess Test

Completed Havaianas Flipflop UK size 6/7 using 165 x Crystal ss20 (84 per side)  Swarovski Flatback Non-Hotfix Crystals Per Flip Flop. For a pair you will need approximately 330 Crystals for a pair of 6/7 UK Havaianas Flip Flops.   Havaianas have a problem bonding crystals to their rubber strap over the past few years in that the adhesive used will …

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How to Crystallize a Gadget

This guide applies to crystallizing any surface or object big or small it’s the same principle you just need to read through the guide and work out the best design/pattern/crystal sizes for your project.   Chattons Vs Flatback Crystals There are two methods of adding crystals to a flat surface the method you use will very much depend on your …

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The Ultimate Adhesive Guide for Swarovski Flat Backs and Fabric

Adhesives tested E-6000, Shoe Goo, Gem-Tac, Fabri-Tac and Crafters The Ultimate pick. It’s important to stress that while all the adhesives may give a good bond between crystals and fabric the purpose of this test is to determine which adhesive gives the strongest bond. To determine this the crystals were glued using the 5 different glue types each with their …

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Swarovski Elements Plug Socket Mockup

We have had a request on our blog asking for a mockup of a crystallized plug socket for which I have taken an image of a single plug socket and scaled to size alongside a range of crystals. The Mock-ups show the socket with ss16(4mm), ss12(3.2mm) and ss9(2.6mm) crystals. I also tried up to ss20 which is 5mm but the …

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Havaianas E6000 adhesive problems

E6000 becoming soft or melting on Havaianas – what are the alternatives? A number of customers have been having problems with Havaianas and e6000 adhesive where the glue will become tacky after a few days as if it’s melting. The result being that crystals slide or just don’t stay firmly in position, where in the past e6000 would ensure the …

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