On Screen Flatback Sizes Guide & Quantity Coverage

Swarovski flatback crystals are available as non hotfix which means you use a suitable adhesive to apply them to a surface or HOTFIX which already has a heat sensitive adhesive on the crystal backing. To apply hotfix crystals you heat up the crystal using a hotfix applicator tool, iron (with steam turned off), heat press etc.. the crystals are suitable for applying to fabrics, paper and card. For other surfaces you would use non hotfix crystals and a suitable adhesive which will give a good bond to both the crystal foil backing and the intended surface you are crystallizing. Below are the sizes compared to a British 5p piece, the full size range is available in non hotfix but only the sizes in green are available in HOTFIX. Its very difficult to judge the size you need onscreen this is why we have a printable pdf that shows the flatback sizes represented as a series of dots, if you don't have a printer adjust the screen size so that the 5p is the same size as a physical 5p piece and you will get an idea of the physical crystal sizes which are 1:1 scale with the 5p piece. view our Swarovski Crystal Range.

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View Onscreen and Printable Colour Charts showing the full range of crystal colours on offer from Swarovski.



Flatback Crystal Sizes in Comparison to 5p Piece

Swarovski Flatback crystal sizes compared to 5p piece


Above you will find an approximation of the number of crystals required to cover an area of both one inch² and one cm² for the smaller crystal sizes. We have a complete guide to flatback crystals which helps you identify missing crystals, talks about the different backings and provides an in-depth guide to working out how many crystals you need for your

project. Other guides you may find helpful:

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Swarovski Flatback Crystal Coverage Guide

Swarovski Flatback Crystal Coverage Guide




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