4mm Swarovski Crystal pearls 5810 

5810 Swarovski Crystal Pearls are made in Austria using the finest materials. They are called crystal pearls because they are created around perfect spherical lead crystal cores, which give them their ideal weight similar to natural/cultured pearls. Each pearl is uniformly coated with layers of a special mother-of-pearl like coating developed by Swarovski, which combined with its crystal core give the pearls a natural luminosity and lustre similar to that of natural pearls. When you first put on an item of natural pearl jewellery it will feel quite cold on your skin, over time the pearls will warm to your skin’s temperature. Swarovski pearls have this same sensual quality which is one of the many reasons they are so valued by pearl enthusiasts. To make an item of pearl jewellery that we see in the shops thousands of pearls are sorted through, to find matching sizes and uniform shapes. With Swarovski pearls you eliminate this problem as they are all manufactured to uniform sizes and shapes. They can also be washed, dry-cleaned and are abrasion-proof, resistant to perspiration, perfume, UV light and scratches. They also look as good as Natural pearls and can be bought at a fraction of the cost.

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