Semi-Precious Beads 

Semi-precious gemstones and beads are mainly made up from pieces of natural minerals which have a lower commercial value than rare and costly gems like diamonds and rubies etc. There are exceptions such as Amber or Jet which are considered to be semi-precious but are not actually minerals. Most mineral gemstone beads are hard where as organic gemstone beads are soft such as Jet, Pearl, Coral and Amber (which is formed from fossilised tree resin). Semi-precious gemstones are often treated to bring out and often enhance the remarkable natural coloured within the rocks. They are then cut and polished to form many different shapes and sizes with both smooth and faceted surfaces. The finished gemstone shapes and beads are used extensively in the jewellery industries throughout the world because of their high aesthetic value. All of our Gemstone stock is being sold off and has been reduced for clearance, the stock will not be replenished once gone and are only shipped to the UK.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items


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