Semi-Precious Beads 

Semi-precious gemstones and beads are mainly made up from pieces of natural minerals which have a lower commercial value than rare and costly gems like diamonds and rubies etc. There are exceptions such as Amber or Jet which are considered to be semi-precious but are not actually minerals. Most mineral gemstone beads are hard where as organic ge...

  • Amber Beads
    Amber Beads

    Semi-Precious - Amber Round Beads Amber is a yellow-orange brown colour and although thought of as a semi-precious gemstone its not actually derived from a mineral but fossilised from the ancient resin from trees. Like pearls amber is an organic gemstone that’s formed from a biological process and has taken millions of years to form. The resin produced by the trees is a strong scented sticky resin that would collect bits of bark, seeds and insects as it ran down the tree trunk. As the resin aged it became harder and darker and formed the amber we know today. Most commercial Amber comes form either the Baltic’s or the Dominican Republic.

  • Aventurine Beads
    Aventurine Beads

    Semi-Precious - Aventurine Round Beads Aventurine is a type of quartz that forms when quartz is subjected to intense heat and pressure which causes the rock to melt and combine with other minerals. When the rock becomes a solid state again the presence of the additional minerals gives the stone a shimmering or glistening effect. The most common colour of Aventurine is green but it can also be found in yellow, orange, blue, gray or brown.

  • Black Agate Beads
    Black Agate Beads

    Black Agate Round Beads Semi-Precious gemstones

  • Blue Goldstone Beads
    Blue Goldstone Beads

    Goldstone is a man made in India from a glass like substance with tiny flecks of copper included to give it that sparkling effect. It’s often used along with semi-precious gemstones for making various items of jewellery.

  • Brecciated Jasper Beads
    Brecciated Jasper Beads

    Brecciated Jasper

  • Dragon Vein Agate Beads
    Dragon Vein Agate Beads

    Dragon Vein Agate Round Beads Semi-Precious gemstones

  • Hematite Beads
    Hematite Beads

    Semi-Precious - Hematite Round Beads Haematite also spelt Hematite is a form of iron oxide that is usually a silver grey or black/steel colour. Its metallic appearance is brought bout when the material is polished, if it were to be ground or cut up it would look red or red brown much like the colour of rust. Hematite gets its name from the Greek word "haima" which means blood. It’s usually found as non magnetic, but if heated to a high enough temperature the material will develop weak magnetic properties.

  • Imperial Jasper
    Imperial Jasper

    Imperial jasper comes in many varieties each with beautiful patterns running throughout the semi precious gemstone.

  • Mica Quartz Beads
    Mica Quartz Beads

    Mica Quartz semi precious gemstone beads.

  • Mother of Pearl Beads
    Mother of Pearl Beads

    Semi-Precious - Mother of Pearl Round Beads

  • Natural Agate Beads
    Natural Agate Beads

    Natural Agate Round Beads Semi-Precious gemstones

  • Snowflake Obsidian Beads
    Snowflake Obsidian Beads

    Obsidian is a formed from volcanic lava that is cooled very quickly before a crystal structure can form, hence making the naturally occurring rock like glass. Pure Obsidian is usually black in appearance. Snowflake Obsidian is formed where white and grey feldspar crystal inclusions form crystals within the glass like Obsidian to form beautiful snowflake patterns within. Snowflake Obsidian can be found in many parts of the world including Scotland, Italy, Iceland, Hawaii and the USA.

  • Spiderweb Jasper Beads
    Spiderweb Jasper Beads

    Spiderweb Jasper Round Beads Semi-Precious gemstones

  • Tiger Eye Beads
    Tiger Eye Beads

    Semi-Precious - Tiger Eye Round Beads

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items


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