2006 Rivoli Flat Back NHF 

Swarovski 2006 Rivoli Flat Back Crystals Non Hotfix

These are 10mm Rivoli round shaped Flatback No-Hotfix crystals with a multi faceted face and have a 10mm diameter. The faceted face is a shallow cone shape where the centre of the crystal is pointed, they have a platinum foil backing making them perfect for bonding to a variety of surfaces with a suitable glue. They are slightly large for nails unless its a larger nail they are being applied to but perfect for accessorising clothing, footwear, accessories or for body art. 

We stock a large range of Swarovski flatback crystals in a variety of shapes including the Rose Cut ss3, 2058 Xilion Rose ss5 to ss10, 2088 Xirius Rose sizes ss12 to ss20 in a wide range of colours and ss34 - ss48 in Clear Crystal (001), Crystal AB (001 AB) and a small selection of colours. Wholesale factory packs are also available in the 2058 and 2088 ss5 to ss20 size crystals. The Swarovski 2006 Rivoli Flatback crystals are only sold in small retail packs currently.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items


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