19 Strand Beadalon wire 

19 Strand Beadalon wire/thread is a nylon coated stainless steel thread that is made up of miniature stainless steel strands for excellent strength. The more strands the wire has the stronger and more kink resistant it becomes. 19 Strand Beadalon stringing wire is more expensive than 7 strand but the strength increase is well worth the extra cost. Our wires come in 30m and 100m reels that are both available in .012inch, .015inch and .018inch diameter thickness threads so there should be the right wire size to suit your jewellery piece, whether it’s a bracelet, necklace or ankle chain. 1. Softer more supple than 7 strand 2. Excellent Flexibility 3. Excellent Drape 4. Excellent Kink Resistance 5. Excellent Abrasion Resistance 6. Superior Strength

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